Welcome to the Blue Comet, a gaming platform for iOS and Android devices!

Thanks to Blue Comet players from both mobile platforms can enjoy the same multiplayer games, play with or against their friends, regardless of their mobile device preference.

Blue Comet games are designed for players who enjoy complex strategy. The focus on creative thinking, calculating the best course of action and strong social aspect are key elements of our games. Proper use of resources at your disposal along with the teamplay will mean more than the amount of time spent playing.

All our games are MMO's (Massively Multiplayer Online games), which means that you are going to compete with thousands of players from all over the worlds, meet new friends and make enemies. The social element plays large role in the games, enabling players to work closely together, form alliances and engage in massive struggles for power.

If you are a fan of strategy, give one of our games a try!